Monday, June 15, 2015

Assignment That I Am The Most Proud Of

The assignment that I am the most proud of is the architecture and landscape assignment. I think that this was the most successful project that I completed. I believe this because I tried really hard to go above and beyond the requirements. I also generally really enjoy photographing architecture and so I really tried to interpret that through the photos that I took for this assignment. During this assignment my goal was to take a variety of photos and not have multiple photos of landscapes that looked the same. I also really like capturing contrast in my photos, especially in form of architecture. I think that this assignment really showed me the passion that I had for photography especially in an architectural scene. Because of my success in this assignment, I continued to use the techniques and creativity from it and applied them to different areas of photography.

Most memorable experiences

I have overall thoroughly enjoyed every project and assignment in photo this year. If I had to pick one experience that I liked the most, it would be the pinhole camera project. I found it so fascinating how photos were produced in the past and the long and detailed process one had to go through just to take a photo. One aspect I especially liked was processing the photos in the dark room. I have seen this process occur on multiple television shows and movies but never fully understood what they were doing or why they were doing it. This assignment definitely taught me a lot and it also helped me discover my passion for the history of photography. One very small, but somewhat life changing fact that I took away from this experience was the explanation of why people always had a straight face in photos during the pinhole camera era. It was due to the time in which the film was exposed and it would be difficult for someone to hold a smile still for 40 seconds.
Another experience in this semester of photo that I had fun with was the selfie assignment. I really enjoyed taking the photos for this assignment and had a ton of fun while doing it. Despite the enjoyment of taking the photos, I mostly appreciated the class discussion that we had regarding the art of selfies. As a class, we argued about if selfie was a form of art or not. The variety of opinion was very engaging and the people in my class got really into the discussion. Someone's opinion was often debated by either a slight or major argument given by a different classmate. It was really interesting to compare different people's opinions to each other and to my own. This experience definitely altered my outlook on art as a whole and what is considered art and what is not. Personally from my experiences, I believe that the debate on whether or not something is art depends on an individuals perspective.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Photos with Quotes

The first thing that I learned from this assignment was the importance of the font color. If the color font or the font of the text doesn't relate to the image or stand out enough, then it is not a good quality photo. The color is important because if the viewer can not read the text then it wont stand out. If the font isn't the best quality for the photo or relates to it then it also will make it less professional looking. Another really important thing that I learned while making this photo is the placement of the quote. If the quote is in a random place on the photo then it will look sloppy. One last thing that I also learned was the choice of your photo is important because it should be a good quality photo or a good photo with emotion. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Camera

Pinhole Camera Defined: A camera with a pinhole aperture without a lens.

The first (and very important) thing that I learned about creating a pinhole camera image is movement. Movement is very key to taking a picture because any small movement that is made for a long enough time will make the final photo blurry. Although, you can use movement in your photo for "ghosting". "Ghosting" is when the object you are taking the picture of moves to a different part of the shot or out of it completely so that they can be see through. Another thing that I learned about creating an image is the amount of time you expose the photo paper. The longer it is exposed the darker the value of the photo and if it is exposed for a shorter amount of time, it has a brighter/whiter value to it. The last thing I learned about taking a pinhole camera image is the thought of what the object of the photo should be. Properties of the object are very important because you should expose the camera to the object for about 30-40 seconds which means that it needs to be still for that amount of time. Setting is also important in this decision because you may not want moving objects in the background because the photo will not come out as clear. 

I overall really enjoyed this project. I loved learning about the process you have to take in order to get the final negative. There are different steps for amount of time that help bring the exposed shot into ink. I also really enjoyed comparing the process of finding an object to take the picture of to when I normally take pictures. I found it interesting how we take a bunch of pictures of (sometimes) pointless or random things in a split second. compared to the pinhole camera where you have to thoroughly think through the process of what you are taking a picture of, the lighting, the exposure time, and the chemical process of getting the final image. I felt like this exposed me to how much people used to go through just to simply take a photo (and why most people were straight faced in photos during my grandfather's era) and the history of cameras and photography. 

Creative Portraits/Self-Portraits

For this photo, I used the "playing with eye contact technique" where the subject/person the portrait is of, is not making eye-contact with the lens. This little girl came up to me on the beach and asked if I was a film-maker. She said that one day, she wanted to be a film-maker. She asked if I could take some pictures of her and asked if I liked the shell she found. When I told her to smile for the camera, she said the sun was too bright and became embarrassed and looked to the ground. 

In this photo I played with facial expression. The subject, Emily, held a straight facial expression in this photo. She had been laughing because we were talking about how we were "film-makers" according to the two little girls who asked us to take pictures of them.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Who am I

Hi i'm Breanna. Some of my favorite interests include playing volleyball, singing, and traveling. I started playing volleyball my freshman year of high school. I started on junior varsity as an outside hitter. My sophomore year I was voted as captain for the JV team and also occasionally played on the varsity team. In the fall of 2014 we won our third title of state championships. I also love to spend time singing. I have participated in the school choir since first grade but this year have advanced to Advanced Vocal Ensemble which is where we mostly perform A capella ensembles. I also really enjoy traveling. I have traveled 3 times out of the country on a missions trip occasion. Despite the amazing experiences I have had the opportunity to live outside of the country, I also enjoy traveling in America. Some of my favorite places that I have visited in the U.S. are: New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida.
Family has always been a very important thing to me in my life. My family background is often viewed a little different compared to others. My (adoptive) mother was not capable of having children, so she and my dad adopted my younger sister, brother, and I. I was adopted at a very young age so fortunately I did not have to accommodate too much to the new family and living conditions. I have observed over the course of my life how much people often take their family for granted. I have also learned that family is forever. My parents can be hard on me, pressuring me to do better, or setting strict rules to keep me safe and of course, there is always an alternative view point on my side of the situation. But no matter what happens, they have always loved me, cared for me, and been the best parents for me, even though I may not be 100% their own.
One life desire/goal I have is to form a relationship with my biological family. I have always been curious about where I came from. Not only speaking about my heritage, but also because they made a sacrifice for me. They went through hardship of never knowing me as a child and I feel as if I owe it to them to work hard for them and make them proud.